What do I get (out of the box)?

By creating and maintaining your site with HGSE IT you gain access to a wider range of training, consultation, and troubleshooting services in the form of personalized support from our experienced designers. We also automatically implement theme, logo, favicon, domain, and copyright information consistent with the HGSE branding guidelines.

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Why do I need to know how to use OpenScholar?

OpenScholar is an easy and free way for any Harvard University affiliate to quickly create attractive and professional websites. If you are looking for a platform that takes the hassle and cost out of web design, OpenScholar is for you.

Additionally, since HUIT is in the process of decommissioning the longstanding iSites platform, any iSite user who wants their site to be available after June 2016 needs to complete the migration process. Just as with iSites, site owners are responsible for creating and maintaining their own content, and learning how to do so in OpenScholar is...

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