Getting Started

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I need a brand-new OpenScholar site

If you need a new OpenScholar website for your department, project, group, or person, get in contact with our Web Team to request a consultation. We will make sure that the platform can meet your needs, give you an introduction to our services, and answer any of your questions before creating a shell site for you to start building.

Email Alex at to get started.

I have an iSite that needs to migrate to OpenScholar

If you want the content on your iSite to remain available after the platform shuts down next year, you need to move it to another platform.

OpenScholar is the recommended platform for non-course iSites, especially for those that are currently "World Viewable" or "All-Harvard Viewable."

We suggest that you take a look at the migration tools page to get a sense of how you should start to think about moving your content, but we offer migration-specific support and are always happy to help. Contact Alex at to set up a consultation and we can help you get started.

I have a shell site but I need to learn how to use OpenScholar

Because the OpenScholar platform is a living, open-source program, it is always changing; as a result, while we at HGSE are more than happy to help answer your questions, we do not offer our own trainings. Harvard Web Publishing, the Harvard-wide platform developer, is dedicated to making the platform easy to use and offers a variety of resources, which we summarize here.

We highly recommend their excellent in-person trainings, but there is extensive online documentation available here if you need to get started immediately.

The platform is designed to be intuitive, but we know problems can arise. We offer one-on-one consultations and remote support. Click here for an outline of our services or email Alex at